Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Dad Was Ill. Sounds like quite a crunch…

My dad is not so young; he is on his 60s… same goes to my mother.
Both of them are not in a good health, my dad is having high blood pressure (on the high side) and my mum was having suffering from diabetic.
They both were being hospitalized on periodically basis.

The diagnosis of my dad is still unknown.
I have never seen him this way before. He was lying in the back all pale and groaning and I felt just so awful to see him in this condition...This has somehow touched my heart.
Despite the fact that I’m not close to him and much closer to my mother, deep in my heart I really hope he makes a speedy & full recovery.

And to my mum, i love her very much. I salute her for being a mother of 8 children, it is not an easy job. You deserve to have a love and attention from ur children, mak.

Thalia Azura.

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  1. Emak kita memang hebat :) Terus sayang mereka selagi ada nyawa, kita tak tahu bila hujung hayat mereka dan kita kan :)