Monday, May 9, 2011

Im a Blogger!! :-)

Finally, i'm a blogger now.. even tak berapa terror but i will explore.. hehe..

It's good to be here, to express my feelings and thoughts.. hermm, there will be more to come..

Lotsa story to share..

im currently pregnant, the second time does have its differences..for some surprises, both physical and mental.
My pregnancy sickness for this first trimester really bring my weight down.. i lost so much weight and doesnt looks like pregnant..
I dont have appetite to eat and feel nauseas at all times..very picky to eat..frequently been on MC and EL.. fuhhh, so much to go through...
But despite the sickness, im very excited for this second baby..I really hope that my pregnancy will run smoothly and my baby will be born healthy, normal and cukup sifat.. Insyaallah..

My 1st baby is turning 2 on 27th June.. It's such a miracle when i gave birth to her on my birthday.. 27th June.. normal delivery.. she is so adorable and fluffy.. hehe..

im glad to be a MUMMY.. Thank you Allah for giving me the chance...


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