Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lara's 2nd Birthday Party

Awesome!! Pejam celik pejam celik my little Lara Aleesya will turns 2 very soon on 27th June 2011.
The party is still on even im not as energetic as previous year :-)
I'm thinking about the theme, the cake, the goody packs, the crowds.. hehe.. so much to think of. but for sure, it's gonna be a simple but fulfilled birthday party.. and i wanna make sure that my little Lara will enjoying it as she has grown up and love to explore and mingle with her friends..
Even our birthday were fall exactly on the same date, but i will not celebrate my birthday this time around. I would love to keep it private with my hubby, i mean the celebration.. hehe..
and for sure the venue will be outside.. not at my house like previous year..coz penatla nak move so much and organize things.. so better leave it to the party crews..
and to Lara, big mmuahhh to u baby.. luv u sooo much 'kakak'!!!
Say what?? My 2nd year birthday party coming?? yeayy!!

Lara and 'US' during Raya last year.. :-)
Lara's cake on her 1st year birthday celebration..

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  1. yeay!!i can't hardly wait for that moment.hmm..kat mana lah kau akan buat kali ni ek???:-)