Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Love to Allah

I feel so thankful to Allah, for all the greatest gifts that has been given to me..
My life has changed.. not necessarily in terms of materials, but spiritually.. the inner me.
Thank You Allah for granted my wishes, heard my prayers..

I Love You Allah...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lara's 2nd Birthday Party

Awesome!! Pejam celik pejam celik my little Lara Aleesya will turns 2 very soon on 27th June 2011.
The party is still on even im not as energetic as previous year :-)
I'm thinking about the theme, the cake, the goody packs, the crowds.. hehe.. so much to think of. but for sure, it's gonna be a simple but fulfilled birthday party.. and i wanna make sure that my little Lara will enjoying it as she has grown up and love to explore and mingle with her friends..
Even our birthday were fall exactly on the same date, but i will not celebrate my birthday this time around. I would love to keep it private with my hubby, i mean the celebration.. hehe..
and for sure the venue will be outside.. not at my house like previous year..coz penatla nak move so much and organize things.. so better leave it to the party crews..
and to Lara, big mmuahhh to u baby.. luv u sooo much 'kakak'!!!
Say what?? My 2nd year birthday party coming?? yeayy!!

Lara and 'US' during Raya last year.. :-)
Lara's cake on her 1st year birthday celebration..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Dad Was Ill. Sounds like quite a crunch…

My dad is not so young; he is on his 60s… same goes to my mother.
Both of them are not in a good health, my dad is having high blood pressure (on the high side) and my mum was having suffering from diabetic.
They both were being hospitalized on periodically basis.

The diagnosis of my dad is still unknown.
I have never seen him this way before. He was lying in the back all pale and groaning and I felt just so awful to see him in this condition...This has somehow touched my heart.
Despite the fact that I’m not close to him and much closer to my mother, deep in my heart I really hope he makes a speedy & full recovery.

And to my mum, i love her very much. I salute her for being a mother of 8 children, it is not an easy job. You deserve to have a love and attention from ur children, mak.

Thalia Azura.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Im a Blogger!! :-)

Finally, i'm a blogger now.. even tak berapa terror but i will explore.. hehe..

It's good to be here, to express my feelings and thoughts.. hermm, there will be more to come..

Lotsa story to share..

im currently pregnant, the second time around..it does have its differences..for some surprises, both physical and mental.
My pregnancy sickness for this first trimester really bring my weight down.. i lost so much weight and doesnt looks like pregnant..
I dont have appetite to eat and feel nauseas at all times..very picky to eat..frequently been on MC and EL.. fuhhh, so much to go through...
But despite the sickness, im very excited for this second baby..I really hope that my pregnancy will run smoothly and my baby will be born healthy, normal and cukup sifat.. Insyaallah..

My 1st baby is turning 2 on 27th June.. It's such a miracle when i gave birth to her on my birthday.. 27th June.. normal delivery.. she is so adorable and fluffy.. hehe..

im glad to be a MUMMY.. Thank you Allah for giving me the chance...